Chrome Canyon Releases ‘Generations’

Chrome Canyon has produced one of the most hypnotic electronic tracks, "Generations," to come out this year with their stellar ephemeral track that grasps your ear drums and doesn’t let go. If you notice they not only employ analog synths but live guitar, drums and theremin as well giving their songs a very organic feel. Be sure to download this track for free and check out their upcoming debut album, Elemental Themes, in October.

Track List:

01 Beginnings 

02 Pluze 

03 Legends 

04 Branches 

05 Elemental Themes

06 Cave of Light

07 Generations 

08 Chasing The Dead

09 Sacred Mountain 

10 Memories of a Scientist

11 Signs from an Old World

12 Carfire on the Highway 

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