Hear - Bugs in the Dark - “Red Lines”

Hear – Bugs in the Dark – “Red Lines”


Bugs in the Dark

Bugs in the Dark

“Red Lines”

My Heart, Little Death

Thank god for NYC.  Another great punk/no wave band has come out of the entrails of the city to push their music on an unsuspecting world.  This band is so great.  Their speed driven sound proves that a bass is sometimes not necessary.  The band is tight and is very, very great.  Karen Rockower, lead singer/guitarist, has a voice and…

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Nick Jonas – Jealous Cover

Often times a music video does not portray the vibes and attitudes of the lead performer. A video might be too outlandish or just plain overkill. The forever versatile Nick Jonas and his extraordinary team definitely nailed it this time! The teasers barely do the “Jealous” video justice. You not only see the “Chains” star embody the rough and tough biker image he has…

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Lil Kim Finally Delivers Her Hard Core 2K14 Mixtape

Lil Kim Finally Delivers Her Hard Core 2K14 Mixtape


Hard Core, Lil Kim

John Bond


Lil Kim, Kiss, Hardcore

Photo By John Bond

I will start by saying that lyrically Kim slays this mixtape. She once again reminds us she is NOT a pop star, but Rap Royalty. When it comes to production, track length and sound quality, some things on this record went “Dead Wrong.”

The new Hardcore delivers, but only to true Lil Kim…

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Kasabian Live at Terminal 5 in NYC | Win 2 Tix, Read How!

Kasabian Live at Terminal 5 in NYC | Win 2 Tix, Read How!

kasabian, hard rock, terminal 5, bowery presents

http://www.AudioFuzz.com/ is giving away 2 tickets to see Kasabian live atTERMINAL 5 in NYC on Saturday, September 27th! Read the rules below.

In order to win the contest you must:
1. Send chrisryan@audiofuzz.com us a picture of a drawing you did on your body depicting one of the songs on Kasabian’s new album!!
2. Follow http://www.twitter.com/audiofuzz and “LIKE”http://www.Facebook.com/AudioFuzz

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Interview with Emily Danger

Interview with Emily Danger

emily dangerBio

1.  How long have you known each other?  What made you decide to form a band?

Cam and I met around October of 2011.  We started kind of “folky” because we hadn’t found our sound yet and Cam didn’t have any pedals or effects in his set up yet.  Once he started playing around with the violin acting as our lead guitar, we knew we wouldn’t turn back.  Both of us were looking for a creative…

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Whirr - “Lines”

Whirr – “Lines”





Sway, Whirr’s new CD, is an interesting democratic CD written in Philadelphia and Oakland, a continent apart, but with a surprising integrity.  It is so united, you would think it was written by just one member rather than being a joint effort.  “Lines” itself is a great mix of pounding guitars and rhythms with beautiful vocals floating above the song.  The band’s skater-punk…

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